Happy 95th Earthday, Mr Nelson Mandela

Today, the 18th July 2013, is the 95th birthday of the “father” (Tata or Madiba) of South Africa, Mr Nelson Mandela. The former President is currently in hospital, battling a lung infection, but the nation are celebrating for him, as well as many well wishers all over the world.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela (Photo credit: Festival Karsh Ottawa)

For the best part of 2013, Nelson Mandela (birth name Rolihlahla Mandela) has been hospitalised with ill-health.  The media have widely reported that the “end was nigh”, they’ve set up camp outside his hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, badgered his family and in the UK, news stations were on standby (with specially edited footage used in the event of a world famous/historical figures death) last month to get that first report out that Mandela had passed.

South African’s celebrating Mandela’s 95th birthday, July 2013

Ha!  He’s still in the living world so these story hungry journalist are going to have to wait a long while (fingers crossed) for that exclusive.  The UK media has been abominable in their will for this Great man to die, hounding his relatives and friends for “updates” on his health, so it’s endearing that he’s still here. He’s not ready to give up his fight for life just yet, so please let the man LIVE.

Nelson Mandela celebrating his 90th Earthday
Nelson Mandela celebrating his 90th Earthday

Although Nelson’s health is still delicate, his daughter, Zindzi, said on the eve of his birthday, that he is responding with “smiles and raising his hand” to family members and watching television in his hospital bed.  This is the same patient that doctors reportedly wanted to switch of his life support weeks ago.  Shameless!

Happy Earthday Nelson Mandela, May Your Health Continue To Improve And You Live To See Many, Many More.

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