B.A.B.E. Of The Week – Coleen Rooney

It’s quite easy for over zealous fans and trolls to have a pop at celebrities nowadays, thanks to the likes of social messaging websites (i.e. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram). Most celebs ignore the crazy taunts and criticism fired at them (they’ve probably got much better things to do), but when they bite back, they bite hard. Read further to learn why footballer’s wife, Coleen Rooney is my choice for Bad Ass Bitch (Example) of the week.

Bad Ass Bitch (Example) Coleen Rooney
Bad Ass Bitch (Example) Coleen Rooney

I’m not a football fan and I pay little interest to the attention of the WAGs (wives and girlfriends).  However, Coleen Rooney, wife of Manchester United and England football star, Wayne, gets my nod of respect this week, for standing up to Twitter trolls.  Now from what I know about the football world, Wayne has recently shown an interest to leave his club (Manchester Utd), to join another, which has sparked fury with the fans and any old bigot to feel free to throw a tirade of abuse at the couple.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney with eldest son, Kai Image Source: www.static.guim.co.uk
Wayne and Coleen Rooney with eldest son, Kai
Image Source: http://www.static.guim.co.uk

This week (w/c 15th July 2013), hate-filled messages were posted to Coleen’s Twitter account slating the pair and their children. One hater told her to tell hubby Wayne, that he was a “c**t”, to which Coleen, 27, responded to the “#shitbag”, advising him to tell Wayne himself.  Another follower made a comment about using a dress (from her Littlewoods clothes line) to wash a car.  Witty Coleen replied, “Haha! Must have more money than sense”.  A repeat offender, taunting her about her body image was called a “dickhead” and I’m sure that if she could have got her hands on a couple of them, a well deserved slap would have been served.  Coleen was thrust into the public eye, due to Wayne’s football success, whilst still a young teenager at school.  Some of Wayne’s antics off-pitch as well as on it, has brought much unwanted attention to the mother of two, but despite the drama’s, they remain a happy couple.  It would be easy to ignore the hatred shown by mindless people who would probably chase Wayne and Coleen down the street for a photo or autograph in reality, yet spread so much bile behind the comfort of their computers/phones.  These people mean nothing to Coleen and can only dream of the success and luxurious lifestyle the Rooney’s live in.

People need to realise that just because rich, talented and famous folk are in the public eye, they do not have the right to taunt and abuse them and their loved ones just because they don’t agree with the choices they’ve made, the clothes they wear or the lives they lead.  Of course, the right to freedom of speech and opinion must be exercised, but don’t be personal and hateful, especially to young children who are defenceless.   Watch your mouth and strengthen your argument/point, especially if you’re thinking of dissing a Rooney, cause Coleen is a Bad Ass Bitch and she don’t play.

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