Alternative Health Remedies – Reiki, A Distant Healing Experience

This weekend I had my second reiki distant healing session which I urge anyone with long standing illnesses, severe pain or at a low point in life mentally to give a try. I can’t explain the full basis of reiki healing but this article gives a full example of how its benefits worked for me.… Continue reading Alternative Health Remedies – Reiki, A Distant Healing Experience

VIDEO – The Kushites Under Control

Donnatella Presents – Rickki Connell – The Kushites Under Control Rickki Connell practises Chang Mui and promotes health and fitness for both the body and mind. Rickki also has fabulous taste in music and puts together some great videos too. Eye candy for the guys and tasteful appreciation for the ladies. Check out this video The… Continue reading VIDEO – The Kushites Under Control

MOVEMBER – Month of the Hairy Lip!

Movember is the annual event in November in which men grow their moustaches/mustaches/hairy lips/mush/tash’s to raise awareness of male cancer.  Check out the slide show to see some wild moustaches, celebrity ones and even a Presidential one.