Dumbellina is the new slang term for women who are… not too clued up, have little common knowledge and tend to rely on others to help them out in a dumb moment. Whilst the definition is similar to the common word Bimbo, Dumbellina is less derogatory (just a little). I’m always mixing and mincing my… Continue reading MODERN WORDS – DUMBELLINA -The New Bimbo

MODERN WORDS – MITCH! (The Male Bitch)

Ever wondered what to call male gossips who meddle in people’s business, twisting stories for their own desperate entertainment and are not the stereotypical gay guy? Simple! They’re Mitches (male bitches) Now whilst I’m aware this word is already in circulation, I haven’t found it among my searches on the web so I thought I’d… Continue reading MODERN WORDS – MITCH! (The Male Bitch)