Celebrity #FeelgoodCrush – Tom Read Wilson

If you’re a fan of Celebs Go Dating, you’ll be familiar with the shows receptionist, Tom Read Wilson who is our Feelgood Crush at Donnatella’s Space

Celebs Go Dating receptionist tom read wilson

So whilst most female CGD viewers seem to be drooling over Calum Best (cringe), the DS girls are swooning over the delightful Tom Read Wilson. Yes we know he’s not into lady gardens but the joy we get from his debonair is truly a feelgood factor. He’s gorgeous, intelligent, graceful and we feel warm inside from his exuberance. The 30-year-old actor/singer/lyricist has all the credentials of a real life man-fairy. With Tom as your GBFF, life would never be dull, he could chase the blues away, extend your vocabulary, share style tips and fill your days with lots of laughter. I need him in my life.

Tom putting the sparkle in black and that infectious smile

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