Today 22nd January is the birth date of the late “rock-god” and lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence. Had he still been alive, ‘stud-muffin’ Michael would have been 53 years old this year (2013).

Michael, from Sydney, Australia formed the group, INXS formed in the late 70s gaining global success through the mid-eighties and nineties. It was the catchy hit “Need You Tonight” 1987 KICK that grasped my hormonal teen emotions to the sexiness of Michael. That rugged, tousled hair and blazed eyes look was just HAWT to myself and a load of pre-pubescent girls at school. His high-profile relationships with supermodel, Helena Christensen and fellow Aussie, Kylie Minogue didn’t hamper the appeal of his female fans.

Michael Hutchence 1960 - 1997
Michael Hutchence 1960 – 1997

In 1996, Michael became a father to his only child, daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence from his relationship with eccentric UK TV presenter, Paula Yates. The pair had started an affair whilst Paula was still married to musician, Bob Geldof. Their relationship was hot news in the media, and the pair were due to get married when tragedy struck.

"You're one of my kind"
“You’re one of my kind”

On the 22nd November 1997, Michael was found dead in his hotel room in Sydney. Although there was speculation of foul play, his death was reported as suicide. Paula, heartbroken, refused to believe her beloved Michael would take his own life and struggled to cope without him. In 2000, Paula was found dead in bed after taking an accidental overdose of heroin.


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