JUST A THOUGHT – Kendall Jenner; the most hard working ‘Kardashian’!

So if we can big up someone who was born with a foot through the door, let’s show more support for the ones scratching to get in.


Transgender Teen Campaigns For Change In Uniform

Thirteen year old Jordan Morgan made UK headlines last week as he stepped up his campaign to wear trousers at his all girl school in Gloucester. The teen wants to make changes to help other transgender kids in his situation, which is a brave move. However, the story left me and my team slightly confused.… Continue reading Transgender Teen Campaigns For Change In Uniform

Donnatella’s View – Rowdy Kate Goes Off Basic

I’ve always been a fan of Kate Moss since she was discovered as a model back in the late 80s. We’re close in age, I rate her style and she’s always seemed very “real”, despite her supermodel status. However, reports this week of Kate being police escorted of an Easyjet plane due to her “verbal… Continue reading Donnatella’s View – Rowdy Kate Goes Off Basic

CHRISTMAS – Donnatella’s Christmas Message 2012

Donnatella’s Space would like to wish all readers, browsers and fans of this site a truly “Merry Christmas” and share a little Christmas message with you all. Now I’ll try and keep this message as short and as to the point as I possibly can.  My nearest and dearest know that I’m quite particular to… Continue reading CHRISTMAS – Donnatella’s Christmas Message 2012