Who Else Will Phelan Wipe Out Of Weatherfield? Donnatella’s Space Decides

corrie pro pic

Corrie fans have been warned that resident psycho tormentor and killer, Pat Phelan’s reign of terror is far from over.  Here is a list of potential victims that could, or should be on Phelan’s Hitlist. 

bruno langley
Time’s Up For Todd

TODD GRIMSHAW (Bruno Langley) We know that Bruno will be disappearing from the soap soon due to circumstances off screen that led to the character being written out. Could this be used as another murder plot for Phelan? Todd knows Phelan is a dodgy bloke and has always been suspicious of the builders’ involvement in Michael Rodwell’s death. Phelan wouldn’t think twice about wiping Todd out, or possibly stitching him up if he feared he was about to be exposed.

eileen corrie
Phelan’s loving and loyal wife, Eileen is set for heartbreak 

EILEEN PHELAN (Sue Cleaver) Without sons, Jason and Todd, Eileen has no family in Weatherfield. She’s openly stood by her man throughout accusations made against him and is blinded by love. Phelan could justify killing Eileen in the similar terms he used to kill Andy/Gavin… Phelan felt Andy wouldn’t be able to live with himself after shooting Vinny, so how could Eileen continue to live on the street knowing her beloved has conned her son, friends and neighbours as well as being a rapist, kidnapper and murderer? She’d be broken and having to face Gail Rodwell would be further torture for her.

Coronation Street character Anna Windass played by Debbie Rush.
Will Anna be leaving Corrie dead or alive?

ANNA WINDASS (Debbie Rush) Another character leaving the soap early in 2018. We all know that there’s plenty beef between Anna and Phelan and every time Anna tries to expose or confront him, Pat always shuts her down. Could he shut her down for good? Anna would never just up and leave her kids, Gary and Faye so her exit has to be believable to the viewers.

Would anyone miss Izzy?

IZZY ARMSTRONG (Cherylee Houston) There’s no reason for Phelan to target Izzy but she’s on the DS Hitlist because her character is pretty pointless. Her last major storyline was when she was sent to prison for using marijuana to aid her pain relief. Since she was released we’ve heard nothing about her pain, it just disappeared. With the factory now shut, we see Izzy occasionally in the Rovers or in the background of a scene, rolling in her chair on the cobbles or in the cafe. If she’s not moaning to Gary or about Gary, what is her character really doing? In recent scenes where Izzy’s sister Katy died, she barely had a minute of on-screen time to show her grief. I can’t actually recall a scene between Izzy and nephew Joseph, who has returned to live with dad Chesney and is obviously having difficulty settling in. Why aren’t writers including his aunt in scenes with him? There seems to be no investment in her character, so Phelan bumping her off would be no loss.


ZEEDAN NASIR (Qasim Akhtar) Qasim is a brilliant actor (Shameless) who is wasted in Corrie. Zeedan’s wife, Rana is secretly lusting after Kate, which is obviously going to lead into an affair at some point, so where does that leave Zee? I don’t want to watch him turn into a Dev replica; ever forgiving and putting up with his woman’s wrongs. I don’t want to see him in the soap purely because he’s representing a character of colour. The producers need to make him interact with the younger male characters more. All we’re seeing now is a young Muslim chef who loves his family and adores his wife, yet there isn’t enough depth in the character for viewers to care that he’s about to be deceived. Qasim is worth much more than that. Zeedan has no direct link to Phelan but if he discovered that Pat was behind the scam; which saw his grandmother being conned into buying one of the flats that never existed, there could be a deadly confrontation.

Kill (Bill) Ken!

KEN BARLOW (William Roache) OK, so I went there… Kill off Ken Barlow. I’m sorry, I know he’s an original character, a Corrie legend but I’m over him. He looks as bored and lost on screen as I am watching him. Watching his scenes only makes me miss Deidre (Anne Kirkbride) even more.

Other characters that nearly featured on the Phelan Hitlist and are viewed as “Pointless” or “Annoying” by our Donnatella’s Space Team are:

Maria Connor, Sean Tully, Simon Barlow, Yazmeen Nazir, Cathy Matthews and Fizz Stape


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