Gilla Rants – Funny People

I may be easy to suck in but when people start to play “funny” with me, I can spot and smell it a mile off.


#TOFU – What I Gave You!

In my upbringing; if you give/buy somebody something, you shouldn’t gloat about it. A gift is a gift right? What I can’t bare is when someone gives you something and feel that it’s OK to tell the world what THEY bought you, how much it cost, blah, blah blah making the recipient feel that they… Continue reading #TOFU – What I Gave You!

The Randomness Of The Common Cold

After managing to dodge the sniffles, spluttering coughs and the dreaded flu through the cold weather only I could be struck down with the common cold as soon as the sun comes out. I know visitors of Donnatella’s Space must think I moan a lot…but there’s a lot to moan about in my life. For… Continue reading The Randomness Of The Common Cold

There Ain’t No Fury Like A Woman…Humiliated

Nobody likes to be publicly humiliated, especially not me.   Read on to find out how I was recently enraged with fury by a member of my own family…and why I’ll never forgive him. Although I’ve had issues with my hearing for almost 15 years, its been the last seven years or so that there… Continue reading There Ain’t No Fury Like A Woman…Humiliated

CHRISTMAS – Donnatella’s Christmas Message 2012

Donnatella’s Space would like to wish all readers, browsers and fans of this site a truly “Merry Christmas” and share a little Christmas message with you all. Now I’ll try and keep this message as short and as to the point as I possibly can.  My nearest and dearest know that I’m quite particular to… Continue reading CHRISTMAS – Donnatella’s Christmas Message 2012

Friendship – Karma Hits A Friend

Since I developed problems with my hearing, the most ignorance I’ve faced is from family members and friends.  This is a tale about one of those fickle friends and a touch of karma. A few years ago, I confessed to someone who I thought was a great friend the severity of my hearing loss. She… Continue reading Friendship – Karma Hits A Friend

Parents! Don’t Leave Your Kids Alone

I wrote this article  >>Parents! Don’t Leave Your Kids Alone.<< a while ago regarding a toddler who died in a house fire because her mother had left her alone.  It amazes me how people still continue to do so when there are so many dangers.  Please take a read, and I’d appreciate any thoughts. Donnatellax

ART – The Effects Of Marriage On A Woman

An elderly neighbour of mine likes to amuse me with jokes (which are often sexist and rude) and Old Husband tales (the opposite of Old Wives tales) from time to time.  A couple of months ago he brought a copy of this picture (below), which shows the visual effects of marriage on a woman. The… Continue reading ART – The Effects Of Marriage On A Woman

Embarrassing Kids! What Did Your Child Take To School Today? « Seekyt

Sometimes kids come out with the most shocking and funniest stories.  Read this Embarrassing Kids! What Did Your Child Take To School Today? « Seekyt.  to find out the awful and embarrassing item a child took to school

Top 5 Harsh One-Liners

When you’ve been insulted, annoyed, or someone’s just pissed you off its good to have a one-lined backhander to get them off your case. If your like me, those one-liners usually come after you’ve walked away and you’re kicking yourselves for them not coming to you sooner. Here’s the TOP 5 of some of the… Continue reading Top 5 Harsh One-Liners