Celebrity #SportsStarCrush – Anthony Joshua

British boxing heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua is the Donnatella’s Space celebrity crush of the moment. Tall, ripped, sexy and well-mannered, what’s not to like about the 28-year-old chocolate drizzle?

close up aj

Despite my zero f**ks about the world of boxing, I’m familiar with Anthony Joshua through television and the media. However, it was only after watching the BBC documentary, Anthony Joshua: The Fight of My Life that I actually clocked how hot he really is. Anthony is humble, playful, charming, respectful of his contemporaries and boy, he is plenty fine.

Anthony Joshua suited
Anthony Joshua

Standing at 6 ft 6 inches, Anthony is a beast compared to my little 5 ft 2-inch frame but hell yeah, I’d take him on. Excluding my forever crush, Prince, I’ve always had an eye for a tall brother so ripping into Anthony would be a pleasant fantasy. He’s not too muscly, a smile to melt my frustrations, lips that I could suck on for hours and a well-packed lunchbox, both the front and back.

right hook aj
Sexy Beast

My crushes are normally way off the mark from the Donnatella’s Space team but this pick is a popular one… All the ladies want a piece of the chocolate beast.

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