Tales From The Hood – From The Drugged Womb Into Racist Arms

Princess Gamillah narrates the negative path laid out for a young baby failed by his parents and screwed by the system to be cared for by his racist grandmother in today’s Broken Britain.

drug baby
Donnatella’s Space

* This article includes content and language that may cause upset and offence*

Please spare a thought for Baby Finch, barely ten weeks old and born into a world of doom and gloom before he can even understand it.  His parents are both drug addicts, the father currently in prison for a vicious assault on a woman, his mother prostituting herself to feed her addiction – so he’s in the care of his maternal grandmother.   Baby Finch’s arrival didn’t fit well into the grandmother’s lifestyle.  Just two years earlier she became guardian to his elder half-sister when Child Protection Services (CPS) learned that not only was the mother seriously neglecting the youngster, she was also exposing and including the child in her acts of prostitution.  Not wanting her granddaughter to go in the care system, she had little choice but to take responsibility, a hindrance to her social life but the extra cash for being the child’s carer sweetened the blow.


With all the troubles and embarrassment from her daughter’s behaviour, it was easy for Grandma to blame it on the “ugly black cunt” (as she often refers to her daughter’s boyfriend and Baby Finch’s father).  Although there is evidence her white daughter was already down the wrong path in life before the boyfriend came along, pointing the finger of blame at him now her daughter’s chaotic life is out in the open is an acceptable excuse to her racist family and friends.   Grandma doesn’t tell them about her daughter soliciting before hooking up with the boyfriend, the money she took from her, knowing too well where it came from, how her granddaughter would beg to stay with her as she didn’t like the men who came in the house and mummy not taking her to school through being ‘drugged up’.  Yet when the shit hit the fan and the police and CPS became involved, it was entirely the boyfriend’s fault.


For now, poor little mixed raced Baby Finch is oblivious to the hatred he’s surrounded in.  A nuisance and embarrassment to his grandmother, a painful reminder of the shitty childhood his sister lived through and taking up all the attention that had been showered upon her until his arrival along with the internal racism from external family members.  What will his future be? What emotional trauma lies ahead for him?  It’s fair to say the only person who truly loves him is his mother but she loves her drugs more.  Seeing him three times a week (if she’s not too drugged up to make it) at the local Family Centre in a controlled environment is enough for her and satisfactory for the social workers working with the family.  They don’t give a shit about the grandmother’s racism, “she’s just angry”, they say.  She has a clean home, Baby Finch appears to be healthy, well looked after and she’s family, so when she walks into that Family Centre with her beaming smile and pleasant chit-chat, they feel they’ve done a good job.  Baby Finch surely won’t feel that way when he’s older. There are many people out there craving for but unable to have children that could give him the love and stability he needs to give him a brighter start to life, yet the State places him with his hateful, unloving family.  Baby Finch isn’t a rare case.  He’s one of many, innocently born into a destructive life of Broken Britain.

Princess G


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