Goodnight Dr. Maya Angelou April 4 1928 – May 28 2014

It is a sad day as we mark the death of Dr Maya Angelou (Margurite Ann Johnson). A well-known figure for her courage, humanity and her remarkable way with words. Author, poet, historian, civil rights activist, playwright, playwright, professor, amongst many more qualifications in her colourful life. A woman, who despite a troubled childhood and surviving the struggles of the Depression era for Afro-Americans, rose … Continue reading Goodnight Dr. Maya Angelou April 4 1928 – May 28 2014

Valentine Poem – Secret Love

Love, Flowers, Chocolate, Underwear and Anonymous cards.  I wrote this little Valentine’s rhyme for a friend to express her feelings secretly to the man of her dreams. To admire you from a distance And wonder in suspense Am I encased in a fantasy? Or are you really heaven sent? Maturity beyond your years With a physique that raises the bar Your much more than a … Continue reading Valentine Poem – Secret Love

ART – “Dining With Beasts” by NiNo

As a writer, struggling to get noticed, I emphasise with all budding talent hoping they’ll one day be discovered. NiNo is an aspiring artist from the UK, who uses his African and Carribean heritage with his imagination to create vivid, eye catching art. I promised him I’d showcase his work on my blog, so… Disturbing, graphic, innovative? What do you think? Continue reading ART – “Dining With Beasts” by NiNo

I’m A ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Virgin

I’ve always loved a good novel but don’t get to read as much as I’d like to nowadays. I’m a single mum, juggling 3 blogs so there’s little time for me to kick back and get into a good book. I’m currently struggling to get through the fabulous Chunichi’s “Gangster Girl” series published by Urban Books, but all my girlfriends are telling me that I … Continue reading I’m A ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Virgin