Picture Of The Week

UK politicians have been ranting their rags this week, trying to win voters.  The general feeling is that the UK public just aren’t feeling David Cameron (Conservatives), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats), or Ed Milliband (The Labour Party).  In fact, this photo just sums up what voters really think about Prime Minister, David…

If you want to find a twat, follow the sign
If you want to find a twat, follow the sign

This image is circulating social media sites like wild.  It made me and the Donnatella’s Space crew giggle… a very fitting picture of a media hungry, pompous git indeed.


The Top Five Advice Tips For Kids… From Other Kids

Sometimes children don’t listen to the advice of their elders, yet they do listen and learn from past experiences of their peers. Here follows 5 amusing tips that children may want to take note of. 1.  “Never trust a dog to watch your food”. PATRICK, AGED 6 2.  “When your dad is mad and asks… Continue reading The Top Five Advice Tips For Kids… From Other Kids

Picture Of The Week – The Royal Baby

The whole world and its Uncle has been celebrating the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis this week. Proud parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will and Kate) showed the nipper off to the world before taking him home, but here’s the picture you didn’t see.

His Royal Badness Courtesy facebook Prince fans
His Royal Badness
Courtesy facebook Prince fans

Coronation Portrait Disses The Queen

The 60th Anniversary portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is a diss to Her Majesty and resembles Margaret Thatcher Now I’m no big fan of the Royal Family (UK). I don’t hate them either, I just have a mild interest and slight curiosity about how the monarch ‘runs their house‘. Anyway…fan or not, any fool can… Continue reading Coronation Portrait Disses The Queen

Weird and Hilarious Subtitle Errors

Having to rely on subtitles can be a pain in the…ears when trying to watch a favourite TV program. Sometimes they’re out of sync, parts of the texts are missing and some channels don’t screen subtitles at all. However, when it comes to live TV, patience and a good sense of humour are most definitely… Continue reading Weird and Hilarious Subtitle Errors

WORD DEFINITION – Hen Party (why is it called that?)

When a woman is about to be married she often has a party with females friends to celebrate this occasion before the wedding. In America, it is known as a bachelorette party, but in the UK it is called a hen party or a hen night.   Many explanations have been given as to why… Continue reading WORD DEFINITION – Hen Party (why is it called that?)

Friendship – Karma Hits A Friend

Since I developed problems with my hearing, the most ignorance I’ve faced is from family members and friends.  This is a tale about one of those fickle friends and a touch of karma. A few years ago, I confessed to someone who I thought was a great friend the severity of my hearing loss. She… Continue reading Friendship – Karma Hits A Friend

Language – “Poppy Show” Jamaican Slang

Poppy Show (poppee show) :- A “poppy show” is nothing to do with the red flowers (above) commonly associated with Remembrance Day. In West Indian terms, particularly Jamaican, a “poppy show” is an ol’ school phrase that refers to someone ‘showing off’ or who is boastful. The older generation of my Jamaican family, especially the… Continue reading Language – “Poppy Show” Jamaican Slang

FUNNY – Top 5 Tweets of the Week (ed. 2)

Funny, inspiring, thought provoking or just downright raw; here’s the second outing of my favourite tweets of the week.  Week commencing 10th September 2012. 1.  @HEADLESSGANG “People with bad breath always want to hold the longest conversations” – I experience that quite frequently with parents in the playground when I take my daughter to school.… Continue reading FUNNY – Top 5 Tweets of the Week (ed. 2)

FUNNY – Top 5 Tweets of The Week

I love to browse through my twitter time line for inspiring quotes and the craziness people have going on in their lives.  Here follows my Top 5 favourite tweets of the week commencing  3rd  September 2012.   1. “I got in touch with my inner-self today. That’s the last time I buy Tesco Value toilet… Continue reading FUNNY – Top 5 Tweets of The Week