Alternative Health Remedies – Reiki, A Distant Healing Experience

This weekend I had my second reiki distant healing session which I urge anyone with long standing illnesses, severe pain or at a low point in life mentally to give a try. I can’t explain the full basis of reiki healing but this article gives a full example of how its benefits worked for me. When it comes to alternative health treatment, spiritual healing or … Continue reading Alternative Health Remedies – Reiki, A Distant Healing Experience

Posthumous Celebrity Birthday – Paula Yates

Broadcaster, Journalist and Author Paula Yates would’ve turned 56 years old today had she still been alive. A prominent celebrity figure throughout the 80s and 90s, Paula was both admired and disliked by the public for sexing up 80s TV and her colourful private life. I was a big fan of Paula and miss her eccentric nature, quirkiness and free-spirit. Paula Elizabeth Yates was born … Continue reading Posthumous Celebrity Birthday – Paula Yates

UKTV – Review – Channel 4 Beauty Queen Or Bust Ep 1

  Channel 4’s new 3 part series Beauty Queen Or Bust kicked off last night showing the journey of entrants to Miss Black Country’s beauty pageant. I was expecting Big Fat Gypsy dresses and pompous bitchy sneers, but the documentary gave a whole different insight into the beauty pageant struggle with a rough Diamond stealing the show. From the preview, it was clear to see … Continue reading UKTV – Review – Channel 4 Beauty Queen Or Bust Ep 1

Bad Journalism, Lousy Editing Or Do All Black People Look The Same?

Numerous articles are publishing images of black celebrities, that are not them.  Is this down to lazy editing or do they believe all black people look alike.  This article points out an example made by tabloid newspaper, The Sun. In Amy Jones’ article ‘BBC ban ‘sexy’ red lippy from kids’ TV‘, published in The Sun, January 30th 2014, a picture of comedienne/presenter London Hughes is … Continue reading Bad Journalism, Lousy Editing Or Do All Black People Look The Same?

Thought Of The Day (R.E. Boston Explosions)

To hear of the terrible explosions in Boston, America sent chills down my spine.  The images on the news, terrifying.  What a frightening world we live in. You go to school, you get shot You run in a marathon,  you get blown up You eat a steak, but it’s really horse The economy is drained, yet the UK government blow £10 million on a former PM’s … Continue reading Thought Of The Day (R.E. Boston Explosions)


Today, the 23rd March 2013, is the 60th birthday of the legendary, Queen of Funk, Miss Chaka Khan. Chaka, real name, Yvette Marie Stevens was born on March 23rd 1953 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Her voice, to me, is the most amazing female vocalist that has ever sang. Covering genres of funk, disco, jazz, blues and R&B over four decades as an artist, Chaka … Continue reading CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY – Chaka Khan


Today (25th February) is the 48th birthday of the black fashion model of the 90s, Veronica Webb. Veronica was a popular face in the nineties, gracing catwalks and the cover of magazines and was also the first Afro-American model to bag an exclusive contract for a well known cosmetics company (Revlon). As well as her career as a model, Veronica is also an actress, journalist … Continue reading CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY – Veronica Webb

Valentine Poem – Secret Love

Love, Flowers, Chocolate, Underwear and Anonymous cards.  I wrote this little Valentine’s rhyme for a friend to express her feelings secretly to the man of her dreams. To admire you from a distance And wonder in suspense Am I encased in a fantasy? Or are you really heaven sent? Maturity beyond your years With a physique that raises the bar Your much more than a … Continue reading Valentine Poem – Secret Love