#UKTV – Loose Women Throw Shade At Kim Kardashian And Fail

Sometimes I really have to shake my head when I watch Loose Women and wonder if my subtitles are deceiving me or are the presenters having a laugh at the expense of their audience. Agreed, they do highlight some very important debates and issues that are worthy but some of the women on the panel… Continue reading #UKTV – Loose Women Throw Shade At Kim Kardashian And Fail

#UKTV Strictly Come Dancing At Blackpool 2015

Strictly Come Dancing is a big hit at Donnatella’s Space.  It’s been a brilliant series this year so I thought I’d join the judging as the celebrities took the dance floor at Blackpool.  Now I’m no expert at dancing, but with friends in the business and a sharp eye for detail, I know what’s hot… Continue reading #UKTV Strictly Come Dancing At Blackpool 2015

Donnatella’s View – Rowdy Kate Goes Off Basic

I’ve always been a fan of Kate Moss since she was discovered as a model back in the late 80s. We’re close in age, I rate her style and she’s always seemed very “real”, despite her supermodel status. However, reports this week of Kate being police escorted of an Easyjet plane due to her “verbal… Continue reading Donnatella’s View – Rowdy Kate Goes Off Basic

Posthumous Celebrity Birthday – Paula Yates

Broadcaster, Journalist and Author Paula Yates would’ve turned 56 years old today had she still been alive. A prominent celebrity figure throughout the 80s and 90s, Paula was both admired and disliked by the public for sexing up 80s TV and her colourful private life. I was a big fan of Paula and miss her… Continue reading Posthumous Celebrity Birthday – Paula Yates

Celebrity Names In Subtitles

Deaf viewers that rely on subtitles also have to put up with multiple errors when following TV programmes. Here follows a collection of errors displayed for celebrities and politicians I’ve noted in the last fortnight. Starting with the entertainment industry we have… Singer Rihanna otherwise known as Real Hammer. Raspy vocalist, Rod Stewart (above) is What… Continue reading Celebrity Names In Subtitles

B.A.B.E. Of The Week – Coleen Rooney

It’s quite easy for over zealous fans and trolls to have a pop at celebrities nowadays, thanks to the likes of social messaging websites (i.e. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram). Most celebs ignore the crazy taunts and criticism fired at them (they’ve probably got much better things to do), but when they bite back, they bite hard. Read further… Continue reading B.A.B.E. Of The Week – Coleen Rooney


Today, 27th March 2013, is the birthday of singers Mariah Carey, Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) and UK Songstress, Jessie J. Multi-platinum selling recording artist and American Idol judge, Mariah Carey, born in Huntington, New York, 1970 is 43 today. Black Eyed Peas female vocalist Fergie, real name, Stacy Ann Ferguson was born in California, US… Continue reading CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY – Mariah Carey

Celebrities – Pharell Williams Rocks Blonde Hair

Mega producer, Pharell Williams has been snapped sporting blonde hair and a frothy tash (moustache). Cynics have likened his “new-do” to a 70’s porn star and some have even questioned his sexuality. I’ve been a fan of Pharell from way back in the early N.E.R.D days and he had a bigger tash back then. Funny… Continue reading Celebrities – Pharell Williams Rocks Blonde Hair