Exclusive! The Real Reason Chris Brown and Drake Came To Blows

Now before I divulge into this post I want to make it clear that this story has no reliable sources to back the details up. During a ‘friendly’ debate with a couple of my girlfriends about the Chris Brown/ Drake bottle throwing/slashing drama, suggestions were thrown around which I am now sharing with you. I have no concerns with the way how people lead their lives and I most certainly do not hold any vendettas against Chris Brown, Drake or Rihanna. So please, view this post as an Entertainment article and don’t let it escalate into hate.

Troubled, Misunderstood or both?
Chris ‘Breezy’ Brown

Okay!!!! Back in 2009 when Chris Brown violently attacked his then girlfriend, Rihanna it is thought that it sparked off after she discovered his tendencies to swing the other way. Despite their relationship ending, Rihanna promised to keep Breezy’s secret and remained his confidant. However, when former B2K member, Raz B, released pictures of a former lover, that looked suspiciously like a young Chris, people within the industry began to talk and Rihanna betrayed Breezy’s trust by revealing his secret to Drake during some pillow talk.

Did Drake deliberately start sh** up in the club?

Various media publications suggested that at the time when tempers flared between Chris and Drake in the club a few weeks ago, Drake had sent a bottle of Champagne to Chris’ table with a note referring to him (Drake) sleeping with Chris’ ‘true love’ (Rihanna), peeing Chris off. However, as no note has been produced, it is thought that it really said “Ri Ri told me your little secret, bro” and Chris just totally flipped.

Did Rihanna betray former love Chris Browns trust?

Now as I said, there’s nothing to back this story up but should it officially be revealed… Remember you read it here first.



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