Wimbledon Blues – Rafa Nadal Knocked Out Of Wimbledon In Second Round

Nadal on Centre Court
Nadal on Centre Court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rafa Nadal        7   4   4   6   4

Lukas Rosol    6   6   6   2   6

I love me some tennis and watching the Wimbledon Championship tournament on TV is usually a fabulous fortnight for me. The 2012 Championships started this Monday week and due to other commitments, I haven’t watched many matches and was stunned to learn that Venus Williams was knocked out in the first round. However, sister Serena is still fighting fit so there’s hope there.

Czech Lukas Rosol. One to watch at Wimbledon

This evening I tuned into the fifth set of World No 2 seed Rafa Nadal’s second round match against the 100th ranking Lukas Rosol. Due to the length of the match and possible issues with natural lighting on Centre Court, the game had been suspended after the fourth set, two sets a piece, and the roof was closed. I’d never heard of the Czech player (Rosol) and as he’d never made it past round one in 5 years of playing at Wimbledon, expected Nadal to show him politely but surely out of the second round.

Nadal out of Wimbledon
Image Source: http://www.zimbio.com

First game, fifth set, with Nadal serving it was pretty clear to see he had a serious and tough challenge ahead of him. Rosol returned Nadal’s serve hard and had the King of Clay running around the court and pacing out of his mind. Rosol broke Nadal’s serve and went on to win his own service game putting him in a comfortable lead of the final set. Nadal didn’t play badly, Rosol just played better and harder and went on to knock Nadal out of the Championship, shocking every tennis fan and even former pro’s commentating.

Image Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz

I’m gutted. Heartbroken! After his defeat to Novak Djokovic last year, I was expecting Nadal to come back with a vengeance. Just two weeks ago he eclipsed Bjon Bjorg’s record by winning the French Open seven times. Unfortunately this evening he was up against a tougher player. It’ll be interesting to see how far Lukas Rosol will get in this Championship and I will be watching closely. He has the aggression and power in his game to go quite far and has a strong family entourage to will him through the competition. However, he’s got a very dirty habit of spitting on court which I’m sure is very off-putting to a number of viewers as well as myself.

I hope people won’t write Nadal off as a fantastic grass player and hopefully next year the Bashful Beaver can come back and show everybody how its done.  DON’T GIVE UP RAFA, I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

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