REVIEW – Avon Creamy Fantasy Shower Creme

Avon’s salted caramel shower creme didn’t give Donnatella’s Space the ‘Fantasy’ we were hoping for.

Avon Creamy Fantasy

Avon Creamy Fantasy (Salted Caramel & Almond)  shower crème

PRICE: £3.00 for 500ml (Special Offer Price £1.50)

THE LOWDOWN: When it comes to bath and/or shower times I’m partial to refreshing fruity or floral fragrances. Like chocolate scents, I found the salted caramel of Creamy Fantasy too overpowering and sickly to enjoy my morning shower. If musky and sweet gives you a treat, you will love the rich scent that lingers on your skin and in the bathroom after your shower. A small gloop on your sponge will go a long way but as a shower crème with added almond oil, the creamy lather that should be expected is sadly absent. It’s almost been three weeks since I bought Creamy Fantasy and less than a quarter has been used. Even my teenaged daughter finds it repulsive and she usually favours a musky scent.

DS one point five

Remaining neutral, I’m giving Creamy Fantasy one and a half out of five stars for its rich scent (although I can’t stand it) and sud quality. Only buy if you adore salted caramel. I prefer to eat it, rather than shower in it.


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