Top 5 Dream Birthday List

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 It’s my birthday, this Friday August 5th. Am I excited? No, not really! Birthday surprises and gifts bought with me in mind, not just for the sake of giving a gift stopped way over a decade ago. However, if someone out there fancies making this Leo shine, here is my dream gift list in reverse order.

5.   The latest state of the art Home Entertainment system

4.   A big payout on the Euro lottery (I’m not talking mega millions, just enough to clear my debts, take my kids on a decent holiday and live comfortably)

3.   A date with Reggie Noble (aka Redman). He’s so fine and I wish that he was mine!!

2.   My hearing back and good health. To hold a conversation and listen to my favourite music freely would be a delightful treat, even if only for the day

1.   A private concert, in my honour with Prince, Wendy and Lisa, Chaka Khan, Mary J Blige, Snoop Dogg and Lenny Kravitz headlining the stage. (Perfect Bliss)

Prince LiveRedman

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