UKTV – Hollyoaks’ Hunter and Naughty Neeta

Hollyoaks is full of sizzling shenanigans this summer but the Neeta and Hunter affair is the one that made our jaws drop. Hunter McQueen’s schoolboy crush on teaching assistant, Neeta Kaur has been brewing for months now. The pair shared a cheeky snog a few weeks back then Neeta rightly backed off, although it was… Continue reading UKTV – Hollyoaks’ Hunter and Naughty Neeta

UKTV – Coronation Street “Cheapens” Hayley’s Death Plot

It wasn’t enough for Coronation Street producers to kill off character Hayley Cropper with cancer alone. They are throwing in assisted suicide as well in order to boost ratings. Will the twist cheapen Hayley’s departure from the soap and do viewers need euthanasia rammed down their throats in the name of ‘entertainment’ over the Christmas… Continue reading UKTV – Coronation Street “Cheapens” Hayley’s Death Plot

Celebrity Names In Subtitles

Deaf viewers that rely on subtitles also have to put up with multiple errors when following TV programmes. Here follows a collection of errors displayed for celebrities and politicians I’ve noted in the last fortnight. Starting with the entertainment industry we have… Singer Rihanna otherwise known as Real Hammer. Raspy vocalist, Rod Stewart (above) is What… Continue reading Celebrity Names In Subtitles