UKTV – Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Subtitle Names

Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5) ends tonight after three weeks of thirteen celebrities with a diverse range of personalities and temperaments were thrown into the house. Amongst the bitching, drink fests and wackiness, there were also a load of subtitle errors. Here follows the subtitle names given to this years celebrity housemates. VICKY ENTWISTLE – The… Continue reading UKTV – Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Subtitle Names

Celebrity Names In Subtitles

Deaf viewers that rely on subtitles also have to put up with multiple errors when following TV programmes. Here follows a collection of errors displayed for celebrities and politicians I’ve noted in the last fortnight. Starting with the entertainment industry we have… Singer Rihanna otherwise known as Real Hammer. Raspy vocalist, Rod Stewart (above) is What… Continue reading Celebrity Names In Subtitles

Weird and Hilarious Subtitle Errors

Having to rely on subtitles can be a pain in the…ears when trying to watch a favourite TV program. Sometimes they’re out of sync, parts of the texts are missing and some channels don’t screen subtitles at all. However, when it comes to live TV, patience and a good sense of humour are most definitely… Continue reading Weird and Hilarious Subtitle Errors