Gilla Rants – Funny People

I may be easy to suck in but when people start to play “funny” with me, I can spot and smell it a mile off.


#TOFU – What I Gave You!

In my upbringing; if you give/buy somebody something, you shouldn’t gloat about it. A gift is a gift right? What I can’t bare is when someone gives you something and feel that it’s OK to tell the world what THEY bought you, how much it cost, blah, blah blah making the recipient feel that they… Continue reading #TOFU – What I Gave You!

Random Rant – Kiss Off Kimberly Kisselovich

Despite the heart wrenching conflict in the Middle East and the fast spreading Ebola virus, Big Brother contestant, Kimberly Kisselovich has been making headlines in the UK media after losing a baby. Although I have empathy towards her loss, here’s why I wish Kimberly would just Kiss Off. I had no idea who Kim Kisselovich… Continue reading Random Rant – Kiss Off Kimberly Kisselovich

Channel 5 Diss Deaf Big Brother Fans Again

  Deaf and hearing impaired fans of Big Brother have once again been cheated out of subtitles for Big Brothers Bit On The Side. Does Channel 5 think deaf people don’t watch Big Brother or do they not give a stuff?  Donnateller blows off at em.   As a hearing impaired Big Brother fan, I… Continue reading Channel 5 Diss Deaf Big Brother Fans Again