David Cameron “Pimps” Cabinet In Aim To Draw In Conservative Votes

  David Cameron’s new look Cabinet caused a media frenzy in the UK yesterday as he “pimped up” the Conservative party with 10 female MP’s at the forefront.  The media may be infatuated, but the public don’t really give a thigh flashing chicken leg. The UK media has gone overboard with Prime Minister, David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle… Who’s in, who’s out, more women, younger women, … Continue reading David Cameron “Pimps” Cabinet In Aim To Draw In Conservative Votes

Picture Of The Week

UK politicians have been ranting their rags this week, trying to win voters.  The general feeling is that the UK public just aren’t feeling David Cameron (Conservatives), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats), or Ed Milliband (The Labour Party).  In fact, this photo just sums up what voters really think about Prime Minister, David… This image is circulating social media sites like wild.  It made me and … Continue reading Picture Of The Week

Celebrity Names In Subtitles

Deaf viewers that rely on subtitles also have to put up with multiple errors when following TV programmes. Here follows a collection of errors displayed for celebrities and politicians I’ve noted in the last fortnight. Starting with the entertainment industry we have… Singer Rihanna otherwise known as Real Hammer. Raspy vocalist, Rod Stewart (above) is What Stew Heart. International superstar Beyonce Knowles has two alternative names, … Continue reading Celebrity Names In Subtitles