Posthumous Celebrity Birthday – Paula Yates

Broadcaster, Journalist and Author Paula Yates would’ve turned 56 years old today had she still been alive. A prominent celebrity figure throughout the 80s and 90s, Paula was both admired and disliked by the public for sexing up 80s TV and her colourful private life. I was a big fan of Paula and miss her… Continue reading Posthumous Celebrity Birthday – Paula Yates


Today 22nd January is the birth date of the late “rock-god” and lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence. Had he still been alive, ‘stud-muffin’ Michael would have been 53 years old this year (2013). Michael, from Sydney, Australia formed the group, INXS formed in the late 70s gaining global success through the mid-eighties and nineties.… Continue reading POSTHUMOUS CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY – Michael Hutchence