Kieran Hayler – A ‘Pricey’ Piece Of Scum

This link is an article which questions why a little known stripper (Kieran Hayler) can get the front page and four paged exclusive spread of a Sunday newspaper for revealing how he cheated on his celebrity wife. #Mediaobsessions #celebrityculture Kieran Hayler – A ‘Pricey’ Piece Of Scum.   Advertisements


Today, 22nd May 2013, British Black Supermodel, Naomi Campbell celebrates her 43rd birthday.   Happy Earthday Naomi Other celebrities celebrating birthdays are:            Katie Price (model/business woman), 35 Morrisey (The Smiths lead singer), 54 Bernie Taupin (Songwriter), 63 Dale Winton (TV host), 58 Similar Articles Happy Earthday Naomi Campbell Questions About… Continue reading CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY – Naomi Campbell

Celebrities – Celebrity Sin Bin – Chantelle Houghton

I’m not one for Celebrity Bashing but lately there seems to be an increasing number of celebs that rattle my cage with too much self-importance, over exposure or pathetic whining about the sorry “dramas” in their lives.   For the last few weeks, Big Brother “star”, Chantelle Houghton has been featured heavily in the media… Continue reading Celebrities – Celebrity Sin Bin – Chantelle Houghton