Gilla Rants – Funny People

I may be easy to suck in but when people start to play “funny” with me, I can spot and smell it a mile off.


Friendship – Karma Hits A Friend

Since I developed problems with my hearing, the most ignorance I’ve faced is from family members and friends.  This is a tale about one of those fickle friends and a touch of karma. A few years ago, I confessed to someone who I thought was a great friend the severity of my hearing loss. She… Continue reading Friendship – Karma Hits A Friend

No More Mrs Nice Girl

 I try to be a good person. I believe that we reap what we sow and the elders in my family are a good, generous loving breed and I have been heavily influenced by them. However sometimes being good or helping others isn’t always rewarding. I don’t mean being paid for acts of kindness, I… Continue reading No More Mrs Nice Girl