Ladies Celebrity Crush List 1-7 (The Valentine’s Selection)

With what had originally been intended to be a Top Five Celebrity Valentine’s Wish List, the response I received during the poll research was so diverse, the list had to be extended. Also, many of the participants were somewhat ‘confused’ with who would be their ideal celebrity Valentine’s date, as opposed to which celebrity they’d… Continue reading Ladies Celebrity Crush List 1-7 (The Valentine’s Selection)

Ten Questions

Here are 10 rhetorical questions relating to current events or topics circulating in the UK media (May 2013)   By announcing his retirement from professional football so soon after the retirement announcements from Sir Alex Ferguson (as manager for Manchester United) and former team mate, Rio Ferdinand (from International football), has David Beckham‘s publicity outshone… Continue reading Ten Questions

MOVEMBER – Month of the Hairy Lip!

Movember is the annual event in November in which men grow their moustaches/mustaches/hairy lips/mush/tash’s to raise awareness of male cancer.  Check out the slide show to see some wild moustaches, celebrity ones and even a Presidential one.