B.A.B.E. Of The Week – Coleen Rooney

It’s quite easy for over zealous fans and trolls to have a pop at celebrities nowadays, thanks to the likes of social messaging websites (i.e. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram). Most celebs ignore the crazy taunts and criticism fired at them (they’ve probably got much better things to do), but when they bite back, they bite hard. Read further… Continue reading B.A.B.E. Of The Week – Coleen Rooney

Five Questions??? (UK media related)

  Why are people praising Beyonce for representing “curvy women” when it’s obvious that she has gone through great lengths to slim down (as noticed during her recent visit to the UK)? What is the UK media‘s big deal with Cheryl and Ashley Cole allegedly rekindling their relationship? They claim “…he’s scum that will break… Continue reading Five Questions??? (UK media related)