ROYALTY – Buckingham Palace In Need Of A Whitewash

British Royalty hit the headlines this week. However, rather than a family member, it was a break-in at Buckingham Palace which made the headlines. As images of the Palace dominated the news, it dawned on me just how dirty and rough looking the exterior is. Isn’t it about time Buckingham Palace got a whitewash? Buckingham… Continue reading ROYALTY – Buckingham Palace In Need Of A Whitewash

Coronation Portrait Disses The Queen

The 60th Anniversary portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is a diss to Her Majesty and resembles Margaret Thatcher Now I’m no big fan of the Royal Family (UK). I don’t hate them either, I just have a mild interest and slight curiosity about how the monarch ‘runs their house‘. Anyway…fan or not, any fool can… Continue reading Coronation Portrait Disses The Queen