UKTV – Review – Channel 4 Beauty Queen Or Bust Ep 1

  Channel 4’s new 3 part series Beauty Queen Or Bust kicked off last night showing the journey of entrants to Miss Black Country’s beauty pageant. I was expecting Big Fat Gypsy dresses and pompous bitchy sneers, but the documentary gave a whole different insight into the beauty pageant struggle with a rough Diamond stealing… Continue reading UKTV – Review – Channel 4 Beauty Queen Or Bust Ep 1

Avon – Golden Orchid Bubble Bath Review

  PRODUCT  GOLDEN ORCHID BUBBLE BATH PRICE £4.00 500ml, £5.oo 1 litre WHAT’S THE DEAL? A soothingly refreshing bubble bath with a light floral musk scent that does give it the “golden” appeal. Although the fragrance is light it is certainly powerful. Bubbles are rich and long lasting – perfect for a long relaxing soak.… Continue reading Avon – Golden Orchid Bubble Bath Review

Avon – Strawberry Bodywash for kids

PRODUCT AVON – STRAWBERRY MILD & GENTLE BODY WASH (Kids range)  PRICE £2.60 for250ml Look out for half price or multiple buys (I paid £1.30)  WHAT’S THE DEAL? First impression would be the steep price, however as a special buy it is definitely worth buying as a treat for little girls that love bubbles and… Continue reading Avon – Strawberry Bodywash for kids