Just A Thought! Eastenders New Family Stir Viewers

Viewers seem to be drifting away from Eastenders every week and the new cast members playing The Taylor’s are not very popular with fans of the soap. *I stopped watching Eastenders over a year ago so therefore I cannot comment on the Taylor family’s acting skills Advertisements

UKTV – Four Professional Dancers Quit Strictly Come Dancing

Professional favourites Erin Boag, Flavia Cacace,Vincent Simone and Aliona Vilani have announced they will leave Strictly Come Dancing before the shows broadcast in the Autumn Come the cold, chilly months of the autumn, I love watching Strictly Come Dancing to spice up the chill. It’s the glitz, the pizazz and the outstanding choreography of the… Continue reading UKTV – Four Professional Dancers Quit Strictly Come Dancing

Weird and Hilarious Subtitle Errors

Having to rely on subtitles can be a pain in the…ears when trying to watch a favourite TV program. Sometimes they’re out of sync, parts of the texts are missing and some channels don’t screen subtitles at all. However, when it comes to live TV, patience and a good sense of humour are most definitely… Continue reading Weird and Hilarious Subtitle Errors