Classic Insult

“What’s in the bitch must come out in the pup (puppy)”     Paul O’Grady UK comedian


Friends With Benefits

A friend of mine defined her FWB to me as “…Most of my friends are dealers so I don’t have to pay for my weed…”

*Donnatella does not advocate drug abuse in any shape or form

A Life Full Of Crap

 // // If you were to ever visit the part of Coventry of which I live you might note the multi-cultural community, a good number of local schools, friendly faces, miserable faces and streets lined with dog faeces. Now don’t get me wrong dog lovers! I have nothing against dogs – so long as I… Continue reading A Life Full Of Crap

The Five Worst Things About Being Hearing Impaired

If you’ve read my About page you will know that I was born hearing but gradually started losing my hearing from my early twenties. It’s been a bitter pill to swallow, going from perfect hearing, through annoying tinnitus and now being severely hearing impaired. I know my disability is minor compared to other disabilities and… Continue reading The Five Worst Things About Being Hearing Impaired

Picture of the Week: Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby

A friend emailed me this picture this evening and I’ve been howling ever since.  Whoever doctored this deserves full props, for making me laugh at least.  I can’t see Mr and Mrs Carter being too thrilled at the fun being poked towards their unborn but this kind of thing goes with the celebrity lifestyle.  … Continue reading Picture of the Week: Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby

No More Mrs Nice Girl

 I try to be a good person. I believe that we reap what we sow and the elders in my family are a good, generous loving breed and I have been heavily influenced by them. However sometimes being good or helping others isn’t always rewarding. I don’t mean being paid for acts of kindness, I… Continue reading No More Mrs Nice Girl

Avon – Golden Orchid Bubble Bath Review

  PRODUCT  GOLDEN ORCHID BUBBLE BATH PRICE £4.00 500ml, £5.oo 1 litre WHAT’S THE DEAL? A soothingly refreshing bubble bath with a light floral musk scent that does give it the “golden” appeal. Although the fragrance is light it is certainly powerful. Bubbles are rich and long lasting – perfect for a long relaxing soak.… Continue reading Avon – Golden Orchid Bubble Bath Review

Top 5 UK Soap Hunks

 The four main TV soaps in the UK are Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Myself and a couple of friends have been debating (occasionally very heated) over the years which soap hunks are bedable. Here follows a Top 5, in no particular order, of current male cast members we wouldn’t mind waking up to in the… Continue reading Top 5 UK Soap Hunks

Easy washing up liquid – Review

PRODUCT EASY washing up liquid. Variety of fragrances, aloe vera sampled. PRICE Around 50p per 500ml. Multi-packs of three £1 in various pound stores. WHAT’S THE DEAL? I bought this product for the purpose of cleaning (washing the car/ wiping messy spills, cleaning the bathroom) rather than its intended use of washing up dishes. The… Continue reading Easy washing up liquid – Review

Cillit Bang – Is It As Good As They Make Out!

  PRODUCT CILLIT BANG Power Cleaner Lime and Grime  PRICE Around £2.80 – £3.00+ for 750ml  WHAT’S THE DEAL? Although this ‘wonder’ cleaning product has been round for a number of years, I bought it on special offer at my local supermarket to see if there was an improvement on my last experience with it… Continue reading Cillit Bang – Is It As Good As They Make Out!