A Life Full Of Crap

 // // If you were to ever visit the part of Coventry of which I live you might note the multi-cultural community, a good number of local schools, friendly faces, miserable faces and streets lined with dog faeces. Now don’t get me wrong dog lovers! I have nothing against dogs – so long as I… Continue reading A Life Full Of Crap

The Five Worst Things About Being Hearing Impaired

If you’ve read my About page you will know that I was born hearing but gradually started losing my hearing from my early twenties. It’s been a bitter pill to swallow, going from perfect hearing, through annoying tinnitus and now being severely hearing impaired. I know my disability is minor compared to other disabilities and… Continue reading The Five Worst Things About Being Hearing Impaired

Picture of the Week: Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby

A friend emailed me this picture this evening and I’ve been howling ever since.  Whoever doctored this deserves full props, for making me laugh at least.  I can’t see Mr and Mrs Carter being too thrilled at the fun being poked towards their unborn but this kind of thing goes with the celebrity lifestyle.  … Continue reading Picture of the Week: Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby

No More Mrs Nice Girl

 I try to be a good person. I believe that we reap what we sow and the elders in my family are a good, generous loving breed and I have been heavily influenced by them. However sometimes being good or helping others isn’t always rewarding. I don’t mean being paid for acts of kindness, I… Continue reading No More Mrs Nice Girl

Avon – Golden Orchid Bubble Bath Review

  PRODUCT  GOLDEN ORCHID BUBBLE BATH PRICE £4.00 500ml, £5.oo 1 litre WHAT’S THE DEAL? A soothingly refreshing bubble bath with a light floral musk scent that does give it the “golden” appeal. Although the fragrance is light it is certainly powerful. Bubbles are rich and long lasting – perfect for a long relaxing soak.… Continue reading Avon – Golden Orchid Bubble Bath Review

Top 5 UK Soap Hunks

 The four main TV soaps in the UK are Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Myself and a couple of friends have been debating (occasionally very heated) over the years which soap hunks are bedable. Here follows a Top 5, in no particular order, of current male cast members we wouldn’t mind waking up to in the… Continue reading Top 5 UK Soap Hunks

Easy washing up liquid – Review

PRODUCT EASY washing up liquid. Variety of fragrances, aloe vera sampled. PRICE Around 50p per 500ml. Multi-packs of three £1 in various pound stores. WHAT’S THE DEAL? I bought this product for the purpose of cleaning (washing the car/ wiping messy spills, cleaning the bathroom) rather than its intended use of washing up dishes. The… Continue reading Easy washing up liquid – Review

Cillit Bang – Is It As Good As They Make Out!

  PRODUCT CILLIT BANG Power Cleaner Lime and Grime  PRICE Around £2.80 – £3.00+ for 750ml  WHAT’S THE DEAL? Although this ‘wonder’ cleaning product has been round for a number of years, I bought it on special offer at my local supermarket to see if there was an improvement on my last experience with it… Continue reading Cillit Bang – Is It As Good As They Make Out!

Avon – Strawberry Bodywash for kids

PRODUCT AVON – STRAWBERRY MILD & GENTLE BODY WASH (Kids range)  PRICE £2.60 for250ml Look out for half price or multiple buys (I paid £1.30)  WHAT’S THE DEAL? First impression would be the steep price, however as a special buy it is definitely worth buying as a treat for little girls that love bubbles and… Continue reading Avon – Strawberry Bodywash for kids

Five Questions??? (UK media related)

  Why are people praising Beyonce for representing “curvy women” when it’s obvious that she has gone through great lengths to slim down (as noticed during her recent visit to the UK)? What is the UK media‘s big deal with Cheryl and Ashley Cole allegedly rekindling their relationship? They claim “…he’s scum that will break… Continue reading Five Questions??? (UK media related)