Help! I’ve Promised My Kid A Tortoise

  There is a 10 year age gap between my two daughters and the youngest, who is eight years old often spins me the line “I’ve got no-one to play with/ talk to”. Those words hit me hard the first time I heard them from my eldest child, this time round I’m feeling even more… Continue reading Help! I’ve Promised My Kid A Tortoise

Nia Long To Play Whitney Houston In Biography

  Although its just been two months since the passing of the singer Whitney Houston there has already been talk of a movie about the superstars life. Hot in the line-up to play Whitney are singers Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson as well as Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. I don’t agree with any of the choices… Continue reading Nia Long To Play Whitney Houston In Biography

Easter Egg Sparkle

  When my eight year old daughter decided last weekend that she wanted to enter her schools decorated Easter Egg competition alarm bells were ringing in my head. Not only was she pushed for time as the entries had to be in before the morning of Thursday 5th April, there was the fact my daughter… Continue reading Easter Egg Sparkle

The Prince In My Life

I’ve noticed that I haven’t hardly mentioned Prince within this blog and he so just happens to be my favourite artist.  I became a fan in the late 80’s when I was a teenager.  His music lifts me, broadens my mind and he’s just so damned fine too.  I can always find a Prince song… Continue reading The Prince In My Life

Council Threaten Dog Owners With £1000 Fine For ‘Foul Play’!

Coventry City Council and Environmental Services have stepped up action in warning dog owners that fail to clean their pets mess in public places in the Radford area.   On my way I home yesterday afternoon I was vividly shocked to see numerous signs, like the one above, sprayed on the pavements and in the… Continue reading Council Threaten Dog Owners With £1000 Fine For ‘Foul Play’!

Review – Vileda’s Power Washing Up Sponge

Every decent housewife needs the perfect tools to carry out their domestic chores ( Jeez! That sentence sounds so dated and sexist – ed). When it comes to washing up, those of us that do not have the luxury of a dish washer need a tough, power-punching, yet flexible sponge to fight off the dried… Continue reading Review – Vileda’s Power Washing Up Sponge

Goodnight Miss Whitney Houston 1963-2012

  To wake up from a deep sleep on the couch on Sunday 12 February at around 2am (UK time) to learn one of my most favourite singers and one of the most best selling artists of all time, Whitney Houston, had passed away in her hotel room in Beverly Hilton hit me hard.  I’ll… Continue reading Goodnight Miss Whitney Houston 1963-2012

Picture of The Week: Male Booty Implants

I came across this image whilst browsing through website  I know the world is going ‘plastic surgery crazy’ at the minute but I find this quite disturbing.  What do you think?                                            IMAGE SOURCE: