Review – Vileda’s Power Washing Up Sponge

Every decent housewife needs the perfect tools to carry out their domestic chores ( Jeez! That sentence sounds so dated and sexist – ed). When it comes to washing up, those of us that do not have the luxury of a dish washer need a tough, power-punching, yet flexible sponge to fight off the dried… Continue reading Review – Vileda’s Power Washing Up Sponge

Goodnight Miss Whitney Houston 1963-2012

  To wake up from a deep sleep on the couch on Sunday 12 February at around 2am (UK time) to learn one of my most favourite singers and one of the most best selling artists of all time, Whitney Houston, had passed away in her hotel room in Beverly Hilton hit me hard.  I’ll… Continue reading Goodnight Miss Whitney Houston 1963-2012

Picture of The Week: Male Booty Implants

I came across this image whilst browsing through website  I know the world is going ‘plastic surgery crazy’ at the minute but I find this quite disturbing.  What do you think?                                            IMAGE SOURCE:

A Life Full Of Crap

 // // If you were to ever visit the part of Coventry of which I live you might note the multi-cultural community, a good number of local schools, friendly faces, miserable faces and streets lined with dog faeces. Now don’t get me wrong dog lovers! I have nothing against dogs – so long as I… Continue reading A Life Full Of Crap

The Five Worst Things About Being Hearing Impaired

If you’ve read my About page you will know that I was born hearing but gradually started losing my hearing from my early twenties. It’s been a bitter pill to swallow, going from perfect hearing, through annoying tinnitus and now being severely hearing impaired. I know my disability is minor compared to other disabilities and… Continue reading The Five Worst Things About Being Hearing Impaired

Picture of the Week: Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby

A friend emailed me this picture this evening and I’ve been howling ever since.  Whoever doctored this deserves full props, for making me laugh at least.  I can’t see Mr and Mrs Carter being too thrilled at the fun being poked towards their unborn but this kind of thing goes with the celebrity lifestyle.  … Continue reading Picture of the Week: Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby