Parenting – Little Black Girls And Their Afro Hair

Maintaining Afro hair is not the easiest job, especially if its coarse hair and belongs to a child. Time, hard effort and a ritual of expensive hair creams and oils are needed to keep it looking its best… Then there’s washing it. Not many little girls like having there hair washed, if they have afro… Continue reading Parenting – Little Black Girls And Their Afro Hair

Language – “Poppy Show” Jamaican Slang

Poppy Show (poppee show) :- A “poppy show” is nothing to do with the red flowers (above) commonly associated with Remembrance Day. In West Indian terms, particularly Jamaican, a “poppy show” is an ol’ school phrase that refers to someone ‘showing off’ or who is boastful. The older generation of my Jamaican family, especially the… Continue reading Language – “Poppy Show” Jamaican Slang