“Keep Dancing” Sir Bruce Forsyth 1928 – 2017

In honour of Sir Bruce Forsyth who passed away on Friday, 18th August, aged 89, Donnatella’s Space shares a favourite Brucie Bonus.

bruce-forsyth pycr
Bruce Forsyth during the Play Your Cards Right era in the 80s

Popular in recent years for hosting Strictly Come Dancing, Bruce had an outstanding career in entertainment that spanned over 70 years. I was born in the 70s where Bruce regularly graced our TV screen (which only had 3 channels back then) hosting some entertainment or game show. One favourite that will forever remain with me and what I call a classic “Brucie Bonus” show is Play Your Cards Right.

Full of Bruce’s catchphrases, banter and innuendoes with contestants, Play Your Cards Right was proper British prime TV at it’s best. You could play along with the game at home, echoing the studio audience as Bruce, in his own particular style whipped everybody along in the fun and games. Today I revisited the fun and my childhood watching a special marathon run of PYCR on Challenge, shown in honour of the TV legend.

Rest Well Bruce “It was nice to see you, to see you nice

Clip: Special Newlyweds episode of Play Your Cards Right from 1996


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