UKTV – Hollyoaks’ Hunter and Naughty Neeta

Hollyoaks is full of sizzling shenanigans this summer but the Neeta and Hunter affair is the one that made our jaws drop.

hollyoaks pro pic

Hunter McQueen’s schoolboy crush on teaching assistant, Neeta Kaur has been brewing for months now. The pair shared a cheeky snog a few weeks back then Neeta rightly backed off, although it was plain to see the feelings were still bubbling on both sides…. Fast forward to the holiday break in Ibiza (shown last week) where the passion between the teacher and pupil exploded to a steamy romp on the beach, the villa and then back in the village upstairs in The Dog. WRONGGG!!! So wrong Neeta, and it isn’t going to end well.

neeta n hunter
Neeta and Hunter get close in Ibiza

Hollyoaks’ die-hard fans will know this teacher/pupil storyline was played out a few years ago with Becca and Justin. It didn’t end well for them (Becca got pregnant and sent to prison where she was fatally stabbed) and it ain’t gonna span out much better for this pair either. Firstly and most disturbing, is the fact that Hunter (Theo Graham) looks about 12. Theo is actually 20 years old, his character is 16 but when Neeta (Amit Maghera) ripped off his vest in that cove on the beach last week, sticking those lips on him, it was just cringe worthy to watch, and rightly so. Teacher and pupil relationships are a BIG No-No!

hunter mcqueen
Hunter McQueen (Theo Graham)

Then there’s the fact that Neeta is with Mad Mac. Why, oh why did she go back to him after he treated her so badly the last time round? If he catches a sniff of what’s been going on, Hunter will be mincemeat. In tonight’s (Monday 31st July) episode, Hunter pleaded with Neeta to leave Mac, insisting he could make her happy. Yeah right! He may have developed some manly skills in between the sheets but the reality is he shares a room with his twin, Prince at their Aunty Myra’s overcrowded house and his income comes from glass collecting at the pub which is run by Neeta’s fella. Not really the ideal recipe for the start of a relationship is it? Should news of their affair leak, Neeta can’t even expect to find refuge at best friend and boss, Sally’s. Sally also loves Neeta and as headmistress she can’t exactly turn a blind eye to Miss Kaur’s misdemeanour’s.

Naughty Neeta Kaur (Amit Maghera)

Just as with all the other juicy storylines on Oaks, we’ll have fun watching how this story pans out. With stories in the media every other week regarding teacher and pupil relationships, it’s good to see Hollyoaks, once again, use a thought provoking storyline. It’s so wrong though, so wrong.

Catch Hollyoaks Monday to Friday on Channel 4 at 6:30pm and (First Look) 7:00pm on E4


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