Gilla Rants – Funny People

Don’t play funny games with Princess Gilla.  She doesn’t have time for it.

Gilla Rants

I don’t know what it is about me that always seems to attract people that are all 50 shades of shady.  They show up good, hone in on a sensitive spot and I foolishly believe we’ve connected. Then they want to be all up in my business, acting like we’re bonifide friends, draining me with their negativity, winding me up with their bullshit and when I don’t play ball, the switch gets petty… They’re running me down to the same bitch that they were dissing to me just weeks ago, they’re avoiding me like I’m Ebola and because I’m a grown woman with more important things to dwell my mind, I don’t react.  Therefore, they think they’re smart to my ‘stupid’ and a few months later when some shit hits their fan and they want someone to be REAL with them, they slither back into my space and act like everything’s cool.  Depending on my level of craziness that particular day, I may decide to finally play ball. My way!

funy people

You see, I may be easy to suck in but when people start to play “funny” with me, I can spot and smell it a mile off.  I don’t argue with fools and I don’t switch up with my friends and enemies for popularity or to boost my ego.  In other words, as I try to warn any potential friend early on… don’t play “funny” with me cuz I’m the funniest motherfucker you’ll ever meet, and I don’t mean ha ha!

Princess G





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