Donnatella’s Space Reviews Avon’s California Glow Shower Creme

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PRICE – ยฃ2.00 for 250ml (special/multi-buys offers from time to time)

Avon california glow
Avon SENSES California Glow Shower Creme OK but nothing special

THE LOWDOWN – I was a little dubious about buying this shower cream as the Avon Senses range can sometimes be harsh on my skin. As the California Glow was part of a multi-buy, I thought I’d take the risk and if it backfired, there’d be more shower gel for the kids to waste (parents will understand). A week into using, I’ve not experienced any dryness or itchiness which is a small blessing. The pink grapefruit and frangipani fragrance is a sweet musky treat. Pink Grapefruit can be heavy and off putting in beauty products but it’s quite subtle in the California Glow.

For me, a shower crรจme should have thick suds and be a moisturising wash as opposed to a shower gel. A small splash of California Glow on your sponge will go a long way but the suds are weak and rinse away quickly. Other well-known brands will give you longer lasting suds at half the price. The kids say โ€œit’s OKโ€ but they barely touch it, favouring other brands in the bathroom. Would I buy it again? Maybe as part of a special offer but I wouldn’t put myself out.

Donnatella’s Space Rating***** (3/5) OK, but nothing special

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