Donnatella’s Space Reviews Avon’s California Glow Shower Creme

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PRICE – Β£2.00 for 250ml (special/multi-buys offers from time to time)

Avon california glow
Avon SENSES California Glow Shower Creme OK but nothing special

THE LOWDOWN – I was a little dubious about buying this shower cream as the Avon Senses range can sometimes be harsh on my skin. As the California Glow was part of a multi-buy, I thought I’d take the risk and if it backfired, there’d be more shower gel for the kids to waste (parents will understand). A week into using, I’ve not experienced any dryness or itchiness which is a small blessing. The pink grapefruit and frangipani fragrance is a sweet musky treat. Pink Grapefruit can be heavy and off putting in beauty products but it’s quite subtle in the California Glow.

For me, a shower crΓ¨me should have thick suds and be a moisturising wash as opposed to a shower gel. A small splash of California Glow on your sponge will go a long way but the suds are weak and rinse away quickly. For the price, other well known brands will give you longer lasting suds at half the price. The kids say β€œit’s OK” but they barely touch it, favouring other brands in the bathroom. Would I buy it again? Maybe as part of a special offer but I wouldn’t put myself out.

Donnatella’s Space Rating***** (3/5) OK, but nothing special


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