Views On The News – Ferne McCann and her Dodgy Man

ferne mccann
Ferne ‘loved-up’ with Arthur Collins

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann’s boyfriend is wanted by police for an acid attack in East London.  Princess Gilla breaks down her opinion on the unlucky-in-love reality star’s misfortune for Donnatella’s Space.

I have a relative who was excessively pernickety in younger dating days, turning her nose up at some real cool and genuine guys because they didn’t tick all her boxes and there was better to come.  Her grandmother, annoyed by her shallowness, would often tell her “You’re gonna pick, pick, pick until you pick shit!” and sure enough that’s just what she did.  Ten years of a demeaning marriage to a multiple cheat with plenty of heartache.

The grandmother’s comment came to mind this week when it was revealed that former TOWIE star and This Morning’s current “filler in”, Ferne McCann’s boyfriend, Arthur Collins was named by police as an alleged suspect for an acid attack in Mangles nightclub over the Easter Bank holiday which left 20 people injured, two seriously.  Despite a public plea from Ferne, to hand himself in and his picture all over UK media as a wanted man by East London police; Arthur is keeping himself firmly on down low.

Miss Egoistical had found her perfect man

Earlier this year, Ferne appeared on E4’s Celebs Go Dating and was the nightmare client, whinging and picking at any flaw or fault she could find with about each poor sod she was paired up with.  I’ve never taken to her personality and on the show she came across ignorantly annoying, materialistic and don’t even get me started on that droning voice of hers.  It was no surprise she didn’t bag a successful date on the show, yet weeks later, Ferne was all over social media and OK magazine loved up with this said Arthur.  It appeared Miss Egotistical had found her perfect man, talking about plans of moving in together and the possibility of marriage.  Fast forward to Easter Monday; Ferne’s lurve bubble had well and truly burst.

ferne hawtcelebs
Will Ferne milk the opportunity? Image Source:

At the time of publication,  Ferne, obviously desperate to hold on to her ‘TV personality’ career (seeing as the acting one didn’t take her to Hollywood) has erased all traces of him on her Instagram page and keeping her big yappy gob shut for once whilst her management try to limit damage control (I imagine).  Cue the not-so-far-in the future OK cover spread with Ferne looking devastated as she spills out her “heartbreak” to gain public sympathy holding on to that media’s flavour of the fortnight spot.  Whilst her team plot to turn this negative into a money spinning positive for Ferne, 20 people will be nursing the scars from a “highly dangerous acidity substance”.  Although she’s not responsible for his alleged actions, Ferne chose to ‘pick shit’; they didn’t choose to be attacked on a night out.  Yet in this frenzied crazy media hungry world we now live in, Ferne is the victim’s story that people will most want to hear.


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