105 Year Old ‘Super Grandad’ Achieves Rollercoaster World Record

Donnatella’s Space has to give a shout out to 105 year old, Jack Reynolds, who broke the Guinness World Records for being the oldest person to ride on a rollercoaster.

105 year old Jack Reynolds receiving his Guinness World Record certificate

Making it to the age of 105 is a massive achievement alone.  Choosing to spend the day riding on a rollercoaster, 80 years after the first experience is just epic.  Super Grandad, Jack carried out his challenge live on Good Morning Britain admitting, “I’m frightened to death, really frightened” before his thrill seeking ride on the Twistosaurus at Flamingo Land theme park, Yorkshire.  What’s even more special is that Jack is donating all the proceeds from his Just Giving page for the challenge to Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance in Derbyshire.

I’m less than half Jack’s age, haven’t been on a rollercoaster for about 15 years and frightened to death at the thought of ever going on one again.  Well done Jack for your selfless act, we hail you.

jack tea
Jack (who also has a GWR for the oldest person to get a tattoo aged 104) celebrating his feat with a cup of tea.

STORY SOURCE: http://www.ndtd.com


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