Donnatella’s Space – UKTV CBB Bear Gets Told by Aubrey O’Day

The atmosphere in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother swiftly changed from Bear’s Playground to Bear Gets Shut Down. Princess Gilla gives her verdict on the tables being turned on Bear.

Bear wearing his beloved lucky mask

Stephen Bear has been the ‘Star’ of this summer’s CBB with his foolish antics and I have to admit, he’s the main reason I’ve been tuning in. However, as entertaining as he is to watch, could I live in a house with him? Most certainly not, that’s why, as vile as fellow housemate Aubrey O’Day may have come across in tonight’s show, I totally felt where she was coming from.

Had I been in that house, both Bear and Boom* would’ve been ‘told’ within the first week not to play their shit around me. In fact, I know I would’ve been booted out because Bear’s monkey acting would’ve brought out the gorilla in me BIG time. The mayhem and chaos he has caused in Big Brother for the last month has took away the shine from other housemates (excluding the ‘Bear Pack’, Lewis, Marnie, Chloe and flip-flopper, Boom). If they’re not talking about him, they’ve been arguing with him or cleaning up his mess. As Aubrey rightly said in the Diary Room; after telling Bear he was like herpes and an asshole who’s 15 minutes of fame rested on him winning the show, everybody has been playing along to whichever tantrum he was having and she was tired of it.

Aubrey seeking revenge after being pied by Bear. Copyright Channel 5 Television

With the show finishing on Friday, it was great as a viewer to see the Bear get shut down. Yes, he kept his mouth running (I don’t think super glue could shut him up), but to see him uncomfortable and on the verge of tears in the smoking area is what Big Brother is about for me. The original concept is to see how strangers interact and cope inside a confined house with no access to the outside world. As long as there’s no violence, bullying (a word that’s used too frequently these days) or any other seriously offensive behaviour, I want to see it all. Until Aubrey turned on him, Bear had no boundaries and seeing him finally realise that he’d overstepped the mark was brilliant TV.

I can’t say he deserves to win. Being a memorable dickhead should not warranty the CBB title. On the other hand, there aren’t any other housemates left in the house worthy of winning either. Although it’s largely assumed Bear will win, I feel he might end up a shocked 2nd or 3rd, with Marnie coming 1st and either Frankie or Aubrey taking the other spot.

*Boom – The only Heavy D I’m familiar with, as a celebrity is the late American rapper and producer. ย So I always refer to the beefy prat who was in the CBB house as Boom.


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