UKTV BIG BROTHER – Marco! Evicted Too Soon

Outrageous, desperate, sexually perverse, TV bunny-boilers kitchen, fixed. Whatever you want to call it there’s no denying Big Brother 2016 has certainly stirred up a TV viewing storm and it’s not yet even a fortnight in. There’s so many big characters to rattle off about, but seeing as “hyperactive sex-beast”, Marco Pierre White Jnr was the first housemate to be evicted, let’s summarise why his antics will or won’t be missed from TV’s most famous house.

Marco pierre white jnr
Marco, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

So it was a case of ‘first in, first out’ for rich kid, Marco Pierre White Jnr and he has no-one to blame but himself. According to various sources, Big Brother producers fixed the vote for him to leave regarding Marco’s very important date with his local magistrates next week. Maybe, who knows. I’ve never put my faith in any of the TV votes and I don’t have money to waste but for BB faithfuls that did vote, I can see why they’re pissed off. If the eviction was genuine, it was Marco’s hyperactive buffoon behaviour, his x-rated antics with Laura, perving and pawing at other female housemates, the constant high-life boasting and those frigging leopard print bottoms that pissed viewers off.

marco and laura
Marco and Laura smooching Image Copyright Channel 5

Personally, I would have kept Marco and got rid of Emma or Georgina. I’m not feeling the vibes with Emma, Georgina is forever pouting and moaning, they keep agreeing then disagreeing with each other so one needs to go. It’s tiresome and boring. Marcus however…. Yes he’s an annoying little rich prick, he’s unashamedly wild but he got viewers and the media talking about the show, wondering what he was going to do next.

Nipple Sucking
Nipple Sucking

His “hall pass” conquest Laura, was up for everything that they got up to in the house and more…She’s a Thirsty Kirsty that one and will go all lengths to quench it. All that energy that Marco had would have to crash and burn at some point or the housemates pussy footing around him, yet slagging him off out of earshot and in the Diary Room would’ve reached boiling point and served him some harsh lyrics.

Puddy playing
Puddy Digging

The Others will be joining the main house in a couple of days. Natalie, who could argue in a room by herself easily, surely would’ve clashed with him, probably even make him cry because guys like Marco can’t handle strong personalities. The best way to solve a problem like Marco is to let them create their own shit, then watch them drown in it. His interest in Laura would’ve waned soon enough and Thirsty Kirsty No 2, Evelyn would’ve lapped up his advances. By getting rid of him so soon, the voters have given him a platform; time to concur a perfect media story and hog more limelight whilst getting paid for it. Don’t believe me? Just watch how many TV appearances and magazine deals will follow.

Kim Melville Smith marco
Kim Melville Smith (Marco’s fiance)
Kims tweet
Kim’s Tweet on Marco’s behaviour 

As for Marco’s fiance, Kim Melville Smith, I’m not sure whether I feel any sympathy for her. Marco himself told the house that if they thought he was “bad” in there, he was a lot worse on the “outside”. Every relationship has its quirks and perks but if Marco is as highly sexed in the real world, why would Kim give him a hall pass, then grumble and play shocked that he slipped a stiffy in Laura on TV?  If Marco isn’t like that in reality and was putting on a show for the cameras, then Kim my duck, you’ve got the warning you need before you become Mrs Pierre White, so run for the hills and keep the ring love.

Princess Shade PEACE, Princess Gilla xx


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