The Murder Of Jo Cox And The Hate In Britain

Politics and politicians aren’t ranked very high on my daily thinking agenda but the brutal assassination of Labour MP, Jo Cox caused me to shed a tear today. In a week where mindless, evil, brutal killings have dominated news stories over the world, Jo’s killing hits home hard about the aggravated society we live in here in the UK.

Jo Cox
Labour MP, Jo Cox murdered at a constituency surgery in Batley, West Yorkshire

I’m not going to get deep into her work ethics, you can search Google for that. Jo Cox was a 41 year old wife and mother of two, slain in public whilst doing her job. Circumstances surrounding her death are still being investigated but Jo was shot in the face and stabbed multiple times by 52 year old Thomas Mair. She was rushed to hospital in a critical condition but died later from her injuries. Now how does someone break the news that mummy isn’t coming home to her two children aged 5 and 3? They’re just babies, they can’t process the pain of death in their innocent young minds. They’ll just want to know where mummy is.

Thomas Mair
Jo’s killer, Thomas Mair

Jo’s killer was reported to have made a reference to the extremist right wing group, Britain First, according to eye witnesses. As the hours have passed people who know him have described Mair to the press as a loner with a history of mental illness. Britain First is referred to as a pro-British organisation but from what I’ve seen on social media, I’d more describe it as a Hate Anything Non-British, Non-White group. I was directed to their Facebook page over a year ago to look at some of the comments on a post about a black British man’s assault on a white guy. In no way did I condone the attackers actions but hateful words of “the monkey needs to be sent back to the jungle”, “dirty stinking Muslim bastard” and calls for him to be deported back “where he came from”, despite being British born, were more than angry views regarding the crime. They were hateful, racist, ignorant and also sadly, the words that reflect how a lot of white British people feel about non-whites and foreigners living in the UK today.

Brendan Cox
Excerpt from the statement of Brendan Cox, Jo’s husband, shortly after her death.

Jo Cox campaigned for the human rights of foreign refugees, particularly the welfare of children, she wanted Britain to help as much as we could, to provide a safe haven for these kids, the victims of war and conflict torn countries. Britain First are against this type of compassion so if Thomas Mair, with a ‘lonely and troubled mind’ was spending lots of time digesting this hate, it explains why he targeted Jo Cox. Had Thomas been a Muslim, an IS (Islamic State) connection would have been jumped on immediately by the media and Britain First. Should we all now assume that all their members and supporters are gun-toting violent aggressors? That they are willing to slaughter their own people for a difference of opinion, yet ridicule and target Muslims for their beliefs? You can’t fight hate with hate, there’s no winners in that war. In every race, community, religion, even families, there’s always a few “rotten eggs” whose actions reflect on their fellow man. We live in times of labelling people which just breeds more ignorance and hate. It’s not going to get any better before it gets worse. Hate is all over the world and as a mother myself, it’s scary. Really fucking scary.

Princess Gilla 2016


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