Dear Prince #1

Today is a sad day for anyone ever touched by the magic of Prince, especially myself. Like many, many others, I’m in a daze of denial and heartbreak. This post isn’t an opinion, a news article or a tribute. This post is the first of many heartfelt words I want to say to the man who lit up my darkness as a teen and has been a figurative part of my life ever since.
The Most Beautiful Boy In The World

Dear Prince,

Wherever your beautiful spirit roams as I write this, I hope it’s at peace. It’s been over 7 hours since the breaking news said you’d left this life and although I’ve screamed, shed tears and lost the amount of times I’ve had to jump start my heart, I’m still waiting for someone to say there’s been a mistake and you’re safely hidden in your Paisley Park studios, doing what you love best, making music.

News of the flu weighing you down last weekend stirred me, but I knew you were OK in my heart. Early this afternoon my heart felt weak and my head heavy, I worried for my elderly grandmother, never contemplating that it could be you. I could never fully express in one article the power your music, enigmatic personality, beauty, sexiness and your spiritual soul has made on my life since I was just a thirteen year old troubled kid. I needed guidance and a saviour. You were it and I always dreamed that I’d one day be able to thank you for all the delightful, empowering, magical moments YOU have given me in life.

Prince during the Lovesexy tour (1988/1989)

As I type through these tears, I long to reach out to the fix that gets me through the hard times… your music, but I can’t because I know I’ll break. My world is now silent and the colour is black, not PURPLE. Are the doves crying, Prince? Are they screaming? Or are they singing sweet songs as your soul transcends from this life into the next? Is your spirit free because I feel although you gave your family (fans) so much, there was still so much you had to say, sing or play. How will you rest in peace, when you’ve left us all in pieces?

“And as sure as this candle burns, every soul must return, into the light”

IN2 THE LIGHT (1996) Chaos & Disorder – Prince

I LOVE U, I always will. You are my best friend, my teacher, my healer, my inspiration, my lover, my brother, my tease, my breath when I cannot breathe and now my heart is being ripped from inside of me.

My prayers go out to your family, friends, the Purple Fam and all the people who were blind and deaf to your uniquely majestical self before, but will now listen, learn and respect your abundance of music and wish they had done it sooner.

1000 X’s & O’s and more tomorrow and for eternity.


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