#UKTV – Loose Women Throw Shade At Kim Kardashian And Fail

Sometimes I really have to shake my head when I watch Loose Women and wonder if my subtitles are deceiving me or are the presenters having a laugh at the expense of their audience. Agreed, they do highlight some very important debates and issues that are worthy but some of the women on the panel seem to talk out of their rear ends and come across so hypocritical.

loose women logo

Take today’s show (Thursday 10th March), the yawning topic of Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie which has been gnawed about on or in every media outlet popped up again. “What is she famous for?” (- erm, didn’t the editor brief the panel on that infamous sex tape? Still, it’s not something to bring that up on a daytime show is it!?!) “What does she do?”, the panel of Ruth Langsford, Gloria Hunniford, Linda Robson and guest panelist, Ayda Field critiqued. Ruth went even further to rip into the reality queen saying “nothing much happens” on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and mocking a fake American accent to take the piss out of the family.

The panel mock Kim Kardashian Image Source:  Daily Mirror
The panel mock Kim Kardashian
Image Source: Daily Mirror

Now, whilst I agree with most of the the panel about Kim’s claim to fame, I had to hold my nose to stop me inhaling the BS coming through the television. Here’s the breakdown…

  1. Kim’s famous, making money and relevant because you keep talking about her. If you have to discuss her ass to make a show (when there are dozens of other worthy celebrities to talk about), take it up with your editor because the majority of the viewers have seen that selfie more times than they’ve wanted to and couldn’t give a rats ass about Miss Kardashian.
  2. It’s a huge insult (number 1) to your guest panelist Ayda, when you’re smutting over why Kim K is famous, yet have to throw in “actress” every time you mention Ayda as none of the Loose Women audience can name a TV show or film she’s starred in. They know her because she’s married to Robbie Williams.

    Guest panellist, famous actress, Ayda Field
    Guest panelist, famous actress, Ayda Field
  3. Insult number 2, guests on the show were James ‘Arg’ Argent and Lydia Bright from The Only Way Is Essex, one of the UK’s most famous (arguably) reality shows. The Loose Women panel can’t understand why Kim’s famous, yet they’re bigging up the’Reality Sweethearts’. Puhlease!!! Arg, a 28 year old bufoon who loves to stuff his face with greasy food in between yo-yo dieting, milking any reality show that will pay him and Lydia who left TOWIE to focus on her fashion boutique, yet came back because she missed the show and her cast mates (and the pay cheque). Truly fame worthy guests, right? Wrong!
  4. Reality stars make up most of the guests that appear on Loose Women and quite a few have had guest spots on the panel. The panellists constantly suck up to them, “ooh” and “ah” over their every word, praising their ‘talent’, endorsing their products, yet are having a pop at Kim. If it wasn’t for reality star guests, would Loose Women still be on five days a week? Still, it’s easy to slate Kim when they know her fat ass will never make it behind the table as producers could never afford it.
  5. They berate Kim for taking her clothes off and her provocative pictures, just as they used to nitpick about Katie Price back in the day, before she joined the Loose Women panel of course, and is now only referred to being a Supermom and successful business woman.

Like I said at the start, Loose Women does bring up some worthy topics but presenters need to stop flip flopping. How I miss straight-up Carol McGiffin, I didn’t always agree with her, but she was no hypocrite. I strongly suggest the panel learn to read shade before they throw it and drink their tea before spilling it.

And before I sign out… The panel were quite heavy handed in trying to squeeze a proposal out of Arg to Lydia. Earlier this week, the panel delved very deep into the past of Jacqueline Jossa’s partner, Dan Osbourne, yet seemingly forgot to mention that Arg has cheated on Lydia repeatedly in the past and also had a fling with co-star, Gemma Collins. Brilliant ethos for a happy marriage when Loose Women are always hamming on about love rats. And besides, despite Arg stating a proposal would be a private moment, away from the cameras, we all suspect that it’ll be an exclusive for TOWIE. I can’t wait for when Loose Women discuss the topic of Are Couples Feeling Pressurised to Tie The Knot and the panel promote that couples should focus on being happy in a relationship, rather than have the pressure of getting married split them up. Two-faced. Hypocrisy… Overload.

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