UKTV – Why I’m Not Feeling Much Sympathy For Bullied Bethany

Coronation Street is highlighting the nightmare of bullying with Bethany Platt being the victim.  Anything that shows what an evil, soul destroying act bullying can be is a good thing, but has the soap chosen the right character for viewers to feel empathy for?

corrie pro pic

I don’t condone bullying but the latest the latest bullying storyline in Coronation Street involving Platt Brat Bethany does not pull at my emotional heart strings in any way at all. Since arriving in ‘The Street’ last year, Bethany has herself bullied grandmother Gail, her mother Sarah Louise and caused grief for a number of other residents with her brattish antics. Scriptwriters are obviously trying to redeem her character, but I’d have more sympathy if the teenage gang were giving busybody Norris Cole gyp.

Bethany getting grief from Mercedes and co Image Source: The Daily Mail
Bethany getting grief from Lauren and co
Image Source: The Daily Mail

If anything, what this storyline does highlight (and I’m sure there’s plenty of parents raising hellish teenagers that will agree with me) is that some kids can display the most nastiest, aggressive and downright hurtful behaviour to their parents and elders, yet can’t say “boo” to someone their own age or in their peer group when faced with confrontation. Teens like Bethany don’t deserve to be bullied but if every now and again they’re made to feel what they’ve put others through, a lesson might sink in somewhere…

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