#TOFU – What I Gave You!

In my upbringing; if you give/buy somebody something, you shouldn’t gloat about it. A gift is a gift right? What I can’t bare is when someone gives you something and feel that it’s OK to tell the world what THEY bought you, how much it cost, blah, blah blah making the recipient feel that they are unworthy of the said gift. That’s why WHAT I GAVE YOU makes the TOFU list.

At Christmas, I was given a gift from a friend which I accepted in good faith. It was an item of clothing that I didn’t need, nor did it particularly suit my taste, but hey, I appreciated the sentiment (at the time)… Now as we hit the second week of March, I am seriously tempted to shove this gift up her cakehole. Every frigging time she sees me in this item it’s “Is that what I got you for Christmas?”. If she comes to my home it’s “Do you wear what I got you for Christmas?”, “I was gonna get one for myself, but…”, “Don’t you wear what I got you?”. It’s not even three months yet since Christmas passed and she’s going on like I was walking around naked or in shreds before I got her ‘precious’ gift. It’s unbearable when I’m alone, but when she starts in public, I seriously have to bite my tongue. We’re not talking designer chic here, not that I’m a ‘designer chic’ person, no great expense was spared, she knows it’s what she gave me, I’ve thanked her for it, she had a good gift from myself at Christmas, what more does she want?

what i gave you 1

This type of gloating has happened to me a few times before in the past and speaking with others, I’ve concluded that there are many WHAT I GAVE YOU people in the world creating misery for others. You can’t give someone something, then constantly remind them and anybody that cares to listen that you give it to them, otherwise the ‘thing’ is never really theirs, it still mentally belongs to you, so you shouldn’t have given it away in the first place.

#TOFU – Terms Of Fucked Upness is Donnatella’s Spaces’ latest form of ranting about various things in life that fuck us off. Readers please feel free to vent your own TOFU in the comments or @lady6x on Twitter using the hashtag #TOFU



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