UKTV – New Real Housewives Of Atlanta Episodes For UK Fans

UK Real Housewives Of Atlanta fans who’ve been waiting an age for its return to our screens can finally rejoice. ITVbe will be screening Season 7 from Sunday 28th February.
 Atlanta's Peaches Are Back
Atlanta’s Peaches Are Back

It’s been a while since Season 6 ended on UK screens and fans have been infuriated as to whether RHOA would ever return to ITVbe as the show paced along in the US (who are now on Season 8). We’ve had endless re-runs to fill the gap, right from Season 1, which has been great. You can never watch enough of NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak getting ‘into it’  with each other, Phaedra Parks rolling her lips at somebody talking ish, Kenya Moore twirling and stirring up drama and all the other shenanigans of the cast. However, during the reunion episodes after Season 6 we saw NeNe and Cynthia’s friendship dissolve bitterly, Phaedra supporting husband Apollo as he awaited to serve his prison term, Kandi about to marry Todd much to the distaste of Mama Joyce and Porsha and Kenya got into it, which resulted in Porsha being carried off set and pinned down by the other peaches in effort to calm her down. ITVbe certainly left viewers anxiously hanging in vain.

How many phrases will fans be stealing from NeNe. Bloop!
How many phrases will fans be stealing from NeNe. Bloop!

If like me, you’ve been following the show on social media to fill in the gaps, you’ll know in Season 7 there were new additions to the cast (Demetria McKinney and Claudia Jordan), who teamed up with Kenya and Cynthia against NeNe. Apollo went to jail, Phaedra felt BFF Kandi wasn’t supportive enough and found a shoulder to lean on in arch rival NeNe. Somewhere along the line, Porsha and Cynthia got into it, Cynthia got ghetto and kicked Porsha in the gut. NeNe quit the show after Season 7 but returned during Season 8 and rekindled her friendship with Cynthia. Actress Kim Fields joined the cast and became Kenya’s pecking interest, but Kim don’t rise to drama. Kandi and Todd were blessed with their first child, a son and former Housewife, Sheree Whitfield came back into the fold and so so much more.

Phaedra's facial action speak her thoughts
Phaedra’s facial action speak her thoughts

I’m counting down the days to watch all the above drama unfold but I have one BIG fear… Mob Wives was originally subtitled, yet for the last two seasons, there’s been none which stopped me watching it (there’s only so much one can watch lipreading the F bomb from Drita). ITVbe, I’m begging there are subtitles available for RHOA or else this peach is going to be seriously PISSED!


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