Transgender Teen Campaigns For Change In Uniform

Thirteen year old Jordan Morgan made UK headlines last week as he stepped up his campaign to wear trousers at his all girl school in Gloucester. The teen wants to make changes to help other transgender kids in his situation, which is a brave move. However, the story left me and my team slightly confused.

Now before the LGBT Brigade rush to attack me, I am not a transgender hater, nor do I oppose trans kids receiving support at school whilst they go through their transition. However, and call me ignorant if you wish, I do get niggled when people start up campaigns just for arguments sake with pointless justifications to back their pleas.

Transgender Teen Jordan Morgan
Transgender Teen Jordan Morgan

Jordan was born a girl (Elizabeth) and notified his family last year that he wanted to be a boy. The school he attends is Gloucester High School For Girls which requires pupils to wear skirts but as Jordan transitions into a boy, he’d feel more comfortable wearing trousers. Now, had Jordan been born a boy wishing to be a girl or if he was attending a mixed gender school, I might have been more sympathetic to his plight. He himself has said that โ€œ…being a boy is the right thing for meโ€, so what niggles me is why he wishes to continue his education at an all girls school. There must be dozens of his fellow female students who’d jump at the chance of wearing trousers in the colder weather or even for comforts sake in the pangs of puberty so why should the school go out of its way to break tradition for a pupil who wants to live as a boy? Should they also introduce Rugby and Football to the Physical Education curriculum to accommodate his needs?

I feel that this campaign, backed by Jordan’s mother, Diane, is more about what the teen wants, than what he needs. Gloucester High School is a highly rated grammar school which has adhered to Jordan’s status as much as it can since the New Year term and if it continues to give him special treatment, he may find himself being resented by fellow pupils. I’m sure there are plenty teenaged boys that would love to attend an all girls school. They can’t and if Jordan and his family are seriously pursuing this life changing transition, a mixed school would probably suit his needs better. When we hear horrific stories of transgender female prisoners committing suicide because they are stuck in male prisons, how can we support a transgender male who wants to go to an all girls school?

Source: Alex West, The Sun 12/02/2016

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