#UKTV Strictly Come Dancing At Blackpool 2015

Strictly Come Dancing is a big hit at Donnatella’s Space.  It’s been a brilliant series this year so I thought I’d join the judging as the celebrities took the dance floor at Blackpool.  Now I’m no expert at dancing, but with friends in the business and a sharp eye for detail, I know what’s hot and what’s not…


JAY AND ALIONASALSA – Great spins, shimmies and lifts from Jay tonight but the hip action and grinds were lacking a little bit of punch and looseness for me tonight. I love the chemistry between these two on the dance floor though.

Donnatella’s Space Score 8.5

Time To Go Jamelia Image Source: bbc.co.uk
Time To Go Jamelia
Image Source: bbc.co.uk

JAMELIA AND TRISTANQUICKSTEP  Jamelia’s got rhythm but awkward posture and bad positioning which stood out majorly with this quickstep. A good effort but she’s not suited to ballroom dancing. The judges aren’t feeling her, the public ain’t voting for her and DS feels embarrassed for her and we’re fed up of seeing her cry.  I can see her in the dance off again tomorrow, but this time she needs to go.

Donnatella’s Space Score 6

Hot Spice Gleb... We'd tango with him anyday, or night.
Hot Spice Gleb… We’d tango with him anyday, or night.

ANITA AND GLEB : TANGO It’s hard to keep one’s eyes on Anita when she’s dancing with the Gorgeous Gleb (Hot Spice No 1). Powerful performance from Anita though, beautifully commanding and passionate as a Tango should be.

Donnatella’s Space Score 9.5

KATIE AND ANTON: AMERICAN SMOOTH It’s nice to see the less serious side of newsreaders but Katie’s constantly animated face annoys me. Her dance was graceful and classy and she appeared to be more steady on her feet

Donnatella’s Space Score 8


PETER AND JANETTE: JIVE Lots of content in the choreography but maybe more than Peter could handle. Totally agree with Len Goodman about Peter’s hand placements…looks untidy. Enjoyable dance, he’s got swing but lacking the sharp kicks of a perfect jive.

Donnatella’s Space Score 7

Georgia's Got Moves
Georgia’s Got Moves

TenGEORGIA AND GIOVANNI: AMERICAN SMOOTH  Elegant, beautiful head positioning and steady spins. Georgia is a better dancer than she is an actress. Nice to watch, especially as she dances with Hot Spice No 2 Giovanni. Definitely a winning contender.

Gorgeous Giovanni
Gorgeous Giovanni

Donnatella’s Space Score 10

HELEN AND ALIAJ: CHARLESTON Awkward split lift Her bubbly face and personality on the dance floor suited this dance. Top half of her body fab but the shape of her skinny straight legs let her down and that awkward split lift looked messy and out of time.

Hot Spice Number 3... Aliaj
Hot Spice Number 3… Aliaj

Donnatella’s Space Score 8 (and Aliaj is Hot Spice No3)

KELLIE AND KEVIN: QUICKSTEP I think the quickstep and foxtrot the most difficult dances with all those hops, skips palava. Kellie danced like a pro, really enticing to watch. Wardrobe could’ve given her a better frock though.


Donnatella’s Space Score 10

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